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I have several script not found warnings, all scripts are set to pre-load.

Is it normal to have these? How can I avoid them?

Changing script load order does not seem to help.

Example warning:

script 'socketIo' is not found, awaiting it to be added to registry create @ playcanvas-stable.min.js:868

asked 10 Feb, 17:55

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It is likely you have deleted some script or changed them so they don't have Script Type definition of socketio anymore. But you've added to some entity script component that script type. Just find an entity that has socketio script on it, and remove that script from script component.

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answered 11 Feb, 13:19

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Regarding forum: Is the questions site deprecated? Or was this inappropriate for the questions site?

(11 Feb, 16:19) beanstalkblue

"changed them so they don't have Script Type definition of socketio" Well I have copied (from their github) into a script in my game. It is unchanged from the original distribution of

(11 Feb, 16:20) beanstalkblue

Answers is getting deprecated indeed. And you haven't shared link to the project, so debugging is not possible from our end.

(11 Feb, 16:39) max ♦♦
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