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I'm wondering if PlayCanvas have something to draw simple lines or circles. I want to use it for debugging purposes. I'm just looking for something similar to Unity's API -> Debug.DrawLine or similar.

If Playcanvas doesn't have this feature, I would appreciate if somebody could propose a similar approach.

Thanks in advance!

asked 28 Dec '16, 22:50

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edited 28 Dec '16, 23:01

You need the pc.Application#renderLine function.


answered 29 Dec '16, 12:49

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will ♦♦
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Great! And for circles? I did not found anything like this in the Docs.

(29 Dec '16, 13:01) sortegam

For that, you just need Math.sin and Math.cos and the renderLine function if you want to do circle outlines. If you want to render filled circles, you could use a plane with an alpha texture. Or you could model a circle in a 3D app like Blender/Max/Maya and import as FBX. Or you could procedurally create a pc.Mesh with the pc.createMesh function:

(29 Dec '16, 13:05) will ♦♦

Thanks a lot for the explanation!

(29 Dec '16, 23:10) sortegam
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