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Does Launch (Local) still work? I have my Editor Local Server attribute pointing to


and when I hit the Launch (Local) button, it opens a new window pointing to


as expected. However, the engine isn't reading my local JS files, but instead it reads the ones saved through the browser script editor. Additionally, when I point my Local Server to something that has no files, like


I get no errors. It still loads the web-hosted scripts as if nothing is wrong. Has this feature changed in recent weeks?

asked 09 Aug '16, 00:26

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edited 09 Aug '16, 00:30

The 'Launch Local' feature was removed when we introduced Script v2.0 last month. However, we forgot to remove the menu options from the Launch button. We just did this now. Apologies for the confusion.


answered 09 Aug '16, 12:26

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will ♦♦
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Aw, I really liked that feature because I can traverse through code faster with Sublime Text 2. Is the feature gone for good?

(09 Aug '16, 19:59) marquizzo

I'm afraid so (for scripts v2.0) although you can still use it with the old scripting system. Our job is to improve the PlayCanvas code editor to make you not want to use Sublime!

(09 Aug '16, 20:33) will ♦♦

And what about users of vim? Or VSCode, or Notepad++? Seems a bit of a reach to try and emulate the features of all those editors instead of allowing folks to run it locally.

(26 Feb, 21:53) jesstelford
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