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Error loading scripts. Open the browser console for details.

asked 18 Feb '16, 23:21

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It means that you have a syntactical error in one or more of your scripts that is preventing it from loading. If you open the browser console as instructed, you will see what the error is and be able to fix it. You can access the console in Chrome by hitting F12 on Windows and selecting the console tab.


answered 18 Feb '16, 23:36

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will ♦♦
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But I don't understand because I'm on Linux and it says that so how do I prevent it?

(28 Jan, 09:09) shaantheawesome

Being on Linux doesn't prevent you from open Developer Tools in the browser and inspecting the JavaScript console, or accessing the debugger. See this page in the docs:

(28 Jan, 10:11) will ♦♦
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