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As far as i know Code can be managed with an external Version Control Software, but assets not and thats okay for me so far.

However I would like to version control the Entity hierarchy and values set with the inspector, thus the whole scene. This is more or less the content of the "projectNumber.json" file you get by exporting the project.

Is there a way to manage this with version control?

asked 09 Jan '16, 22:00

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There is not built-in version control system for scenes. However, you can do the following:

  • Duplicate a scene in the 'Manage Scenes' panel. This can be considered to be a crude method of checkpointing a scene.
  • Fork a project. Again, this can be considered as a way to checkpoint an entire project.
  • Export a project (Pro/Org only). This allow you to download a full image of your project as a ZIP file. You could, for example, place the contents of the ZIP in version control if you so wished.

All of these methods of backing up and checkpointing do work but we can do better. This year, expect to see us deliver a more integrated solution to improve on this.


answered 10 Jan '16, 14:36

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will ♦♦
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Okay thank you. I was using the dupblicate scene method so far and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming solution ;)

(10 Jan '16, 15:51) la

Any news when there will be an integrated version control / history in PlayCanvas?

Best regards



answered 02 Mar, 16:46

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