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Hello everyone,

I am trying to set the time of an animation that is currently paused, but this doesn't get updated. When animation speed is zero, it doesn't matter what value I set to "currentTime", the model does not animate. But once it is playing, it's time goes to wherever I want.

I really need to set the animation time when the animation is not playing. I am using it like "states" of the object. When the user clicks in a button for example, the animation needs to play from where it is paused.

To make it clearer, my animation is set like this:

  • Idle: 1s - 3s
  • Shake1: 4s - 5s
  • Shake2: 6s - 7s

(I know I could separate the animation to different files, but it could slow down the workflow a lot once I have more than 30 "sub animations" inside it)

Thank you :)

asked 12 Nov '15, 19:29

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I have deployed a fix that now allows you to set currentTime even if the animation speed is set to zero.


answered 13 Nov '15, 20:20

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Asked: 12 Nov '15, 19:29

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